Depot/ Workshop Equipments

Bogie Drop System

It is an innovative solution used in depots of various Railways, Metro Rail for removal of Bogie, the wheelset & Under coach components. The machine is designed for a minimum lifting capacity of 10T to 50T or more if necessary.

Automatic Train Wash Plant

Used for efficiently washing the Railways Locomotive/Coaches/Monorail/Metro Rail/Light Rail System. capability to wash Sides, Front/Rear, Roof & Eave.

Under Floor Wheel Lathe

Wheel Profile Turning of Train coaches, Locomotives etc with accuracy and within a short time to enhance productivity.

Under Floor Lifting System

The Under Floor Lifting System is designed to lift the complete train and remove all the bogies at the same time or one by one, according to the activities.

Mobile Lifting Jack

Our lifting jacks can be designed for Our lifting jacks can be designed for Light Rail System/Locomotive/Metro Rail/Train System/Coaches from 6T to 50T each for lifting up to 15 coaches.

Rail cum Road Rescue Vehicle

The vehicle can be used for rescue operations in cases of derailment of trains or other rail vehicles on the mainline and in depots.

Rail cum Road Diesel Shunter

It is used for shunting Locomotives/coaches in depot/Coach in production facilities.

Rail cum Road Battery Shunter

Rail Road (BRR) shunters are railway shunters for the inside train care depots or for loading and unloading applications by industrial companies. The range of rail shunters has a tractive force of up to 5,000 kg (700T train weight) and are designed for train maintenance depots, loading facilities and industrial production environments.

Bogie Wash Plant

Automatic cleaning of Railway/Metro Rail bogies.

Bogie Testing Machine

Bogie Testing Machine is designed for static load tests of bogies and for the measurement of the load exerted by each wheel on the rail.

Spring Testing Machine

The machine is designed for testing spring characteristics. The computer system of the machine enables visualization and registration of the measured data.

Bogie & Wheelset Turn Table

The bogie turntable (from 6T to 25T) are supplied with different diameters and gauges as per the requirements.

Mobile Roof Access Platform

The Mobile Roof Access Platform is normally moving on rails that are installed on the depot floor. The workshop can be raised from a resting height (about 900 mm) to a maximum height of 5200 mm (depending on model). We propose an innovative guiding system thanks to which, using only a coloured line on the depot floor, the mobile platform moves parallel to the train, without rails.

Retractable OHE

The Retractable Overhead Catenary solution is adjustable and it easily integrates all rail maintenance depots. It is fitted with a high level of safety and allows us to centralize management of other rail maintenance systems.

Semi Automatic Blow Down Plant

The Undercoach high pressure Compressed Blowing air blows away the Non-sticky loosely settled dust from Inner, Outer, difficult to approach inner area, which can be accessed by the high pressure compressed air blast. to keep the Environment Clean and operatable, the air borne dust is removed from the undercoach area through full length air suction ducts by a system of Suction Booster Axial Blowers and high air movement Centrifugal Blowers.