Rail Infrastructure Monitoring

Machine Vision Based Inspection Portal

The Machine Vision Based Inspection Portal is a modular intelligent visualization system that provides real-time detailed 360-degree imaging at high speeds

Automated Pantograph Inspection System

Automated Pantograph Inspection System captures high resolution images of pantographs and automatically associates them with the associated railcar during maintenance in the first depot the auto.

Track Geometry Measurement System

Autonomous Track Geometry Measurement System can be mounted on the rolling stock and take measurement of various parameters of the track.

Automated and Real - Time 3D Pantograph Inspection

PantoInspect system is a real time pantograph for accurate and reliable measurement.

Railcar Undercarriage Inspection System

An intelligent imaging system that provides high-resolution images of railcar undercarriage at speeds of up to 160 mph.

Rail Infrastructure Monitoring Services

Deutzer Technische Kohle GmbH is a worldwide leading company in the area of measurement services for public transport authorities. Our customers now include well over 100 transport companies in 24 countries who rely on our experience from far more than 800 measurements carried out. With DTK systems, it is particularly important to note that all measured under normal load. DTK systems are constantly being further developed to meet customer requirements. For this reason, DTK offers these measurements primarily as a service. This ensures that customers benefit from continuous improvements and can always use the latest solutions.