Training Solutions

Motion-Based Replica Cabin Driving Simulator

Replica of the driving cabin, where all the elements are faithfully reproduced, provides a total immersive environment. The 6 degrees-of-freedom motion platform allows the driver to realistically experience the ride behaviors and the motions of the train.

Replica Cabin Driving Simulator

Replica of the driving cabin, where all the elements are faithfully reproduced, provides a total immersive experience.

Replica Desktop Driving Simulator

The realism of the exact replica of the driving desktop is combined with the versatility of a compact design that optimizes space.

Multipurpose Desktop Driving Simulator

The most versatile and scalable solution with a high level of realism. The same training station will be able to simulate different rolling stock vehicles with a combination of real controls and virtual controls.

OCC Simulator

With the increased automation of railway operations, this implies that the OCC operators are gaining increasing responsibilities. LANDER provides their clients with the most realistic OCC Simulators to train their operators.

Instructor station

For LANDER, the primary user of the simulator is the instructor. The instructor is the key figure that will design the training plan, the courses, and the exercises. LANDER’s user-friendly software will allow the instructor to control the exercises and evaluate the trainees in a comfortable and efficient way.

Maintenance Simulator

For a round-a-clock smooth operation, trains need to be always in perfect running conditions. LANDER’s maintenance simulators provide the maintenance team the complete solution to train and practice all the maintenance, troubleshooting and repair procedures.

Computer Based Training (CBT)

Trainees will get familiarized with the trains and all the correct procedures thanks to the use of e-learning platforms and solutions developed by LANDER.

Turnkey Projects: Building + Simulator

In addition to the supply of the client’s simulators, LANDER is also experienced in the design and the construction of the building where the simulators will be located.

Technologies: 3D Virtual World Simulation

All the elements of the track like gradient or curvature are faithfully simulated. The local environment is simulated with exceptional detail. The visual and lighting conditions provide a complete immersion. The artificial intelligence algorithms further provide an unparalleled training experience.

Technologies: Simulated Trains Like Real Ones

The behaviour of the simulated rolling stock is faithfully replicated, including its main systems (electrical, traction/brake, hydraulic, HMIs, door operation), which enables them to be damaged in a totally realistic way.

Technologies: Real Signaling Simulation

All signaling and crossing logic are pre-programmed in all LANDER’s simulators, relieving the instructor of additional work that does not contribute to training. LANDER realistically simulates all types of signaling systems like ETCS all levels, TCAS, ATP, ATO and CBTC.

Technologies: Troubleshooting Virtual Train Navigation

Everything inside and outside the vehicle is simulated. LANDER’s Virtual Train Navigation allows the trainees to operate all the valves, hatches, etc. of the vehicle, as well as to perform actions with the switches, to open entrance ramps to the vehicle, etc.